What Campers Say...

It would make sense then, that the voices of our young people, who’ve experienced camp first hand, should carry a special force. They do, after all, hold the distinction of being the reason that the camp exists.

"At camp I feel at ease, always supported"

"I had a great time, I love camp!"

The more than 300 young people who joined us every summer seem to have a full appreciation for Camp Smitty, and their place within it. This sentiment means a great deal to the staff team, and has reinforced their already impressive level of commitment to the camp goals, and specifically to the very campers for whom they served as such positive role models.

"You get to do neat activities that you can't do in the city"

"The staff genuinely cared about everyone"

Looking back on the summer, we can remember vividly those campers; immersed in a natural outdoor setting, swimming and canoeing, playing sports, working together on the ropes course, cheering at air-bands, sharing stories at a campfire, laughing with buddies, singing after meals, doing crafts under a tree, building character, engaged in a healthy environment, and learning (most times without realizing it) valuable social skills along the way.

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