"Camp Smitty will be a highly respected camping program, continuously committed to responding to the needs of our youth."

… highly respected …

" condition of being esteemed"
" an attitude of admiration"
" bringing honour"

The descriptive use of 'highly respected' broadly implies that ALL stakeholders will be proud of their association with Camp Smitty, that the community as a whole will view the camp in high regard, and that Boys and Girls Club staff from all clubhouses strongly believe in, and support the camps efforts.

The specific implication of being 'highly respected' is that we will be:

  • The camp of choice for Boys and Girls Club members and their families.
  • The employer of choice for top-character camp staff.
  • The charity of choice for potential camp donors, sponsors, and supporters.
  • The partner of choice for external youth-serving agencies.

… continuously committed …

"the trait of sincere and
steadfast fixity of purpose"

This speaks to an ongoing, long-term investment of resources, talents, and efforts toward the camps goals and objectives. Camp Smitty will remain dynamic by regularly reviewing program delivery, and will remain effective by staying current with relevant knowledge. The camp will flourish as a function of a dedication to our mission.

… needs of our youth …

We will provide appropriate responses to the real needs of our campers, and it's important we're able to demonstrate that these needs have been addressed by showing the benefits they receive, the changes that occur in the campers after they participate in our program.

These needs will be as diverse as the children we serve, but will include:


  • enhancing self-esteem, feeling good/positive about oneself, discovering talents/interests, being included.


  • developing interpersonal competence, group living, getting along with others, gaining appreciation for diversity.


  • building positive values, mutual respect, taking responsibility for self,learning skills, unique outdoor experiences


  • good old-fashioned healthy fun, leaving stressors, room to breathe, getting 'unplugged', chance to be a kid.

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