"We are a non-profit residential camp that believes in enhancing the self-concept and quality of life of our youth."

We believe this goal is achieved through:
Safe, fun and unique programs,
In a healthy, natural outdoor setting,
Facilitated by a caring, dedicated staff team,
Enriching each camper's development.

… enhancing …

"to make greater, as in value, beauty,
or reputation"

… self-concept …

"what we know or perceive about ourselves"

… quality of life …

"your personal satisfaction with the cultural or
intellectual conditions under which you live"

We feel strongly about the importance of creating/reinforcing a strong sense of self in our campers. In essence, we will provide an environment that allows them to feel good about themselves, and that allows them to achieve different forms of success toward that end. We're interested in outcomes that benefit our campers, during their stay at camp, but as importantly, that carry over to their lives away from camp as well.

… safe, fun and unique programs …

Quality programs that are safe physically and emotionally, that are enjoyable, exciting, and engaging, and that provide for opportunities that our children and youth cannot get in the city.

… in a healthy, natural outdoor setting …

Environment that offers active programs taking full advantage camps tremendous resources, providing nutritious meals, required medications, competent supervision, and in some cases relief from stressors/risk factors existing in city.

… caring, dedicated staff team …

Positive young adults serving as excellent role models, working together toward the camps goals and objectives, and consistently modeling the very characteristics we're proposing to teach the campers.

… enriching each camper's development …

Promoting opportunities for personal growth (physical, mental, emotional) by including/involving campers in the planning of their camp experience, offering positive interactions with others, providing supportive feedback, and allowing them to discover their skills and interests.

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