Team Building

Whether you're looking to increase the comfort level of a new work group or enhance the skills & group dynamics of an existing team, our outdoor experimental programs leave a lasting impact on people's abilities to communicate, cooperate, and solve problems together ... and yes ... they happen to be incredibly fun as well.

Our approach offers high levels of involvement, insight, and the development of real-life teamwork. There is unique games, team challenges and an exciting Ropes Course ... all facilitated in a safe and trusting environment where participants work together to achieve impressive accomplishments.

Effective team initiatives at a beautiful lakefront setting - a proven approach designed to strengthen the synergy of your team!


  • Teamwork

  • Trust

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Problem-solving

  • Group Dynamics

  • FUN!

What is a ropes course?

Low Ropes

Elements constructed of cables, wood and ropes amongst a beautiful forest setting. Designed to engage group members in safe, but challenging, problem solving activities. Participants are close to the ground (usually 2-3 ft) and safety is provided by quickly learning spotting techniques. Low element challenges are characterized by team, rather than individual, engagement.

High Ropes

As the name suggests, a bit higher up (about 25-40 ft). These elements require harnesses and belay systems. The high elements offer an excellent opportunity for individual risk-taking in a safe and controlled environment.

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