Our Program

Our camp is open to all boys and girls aged 8-16 years of age who are ready for the physical and social dynamics of a ten-day residential camping program.

We hold high expectations with regards to the level of respect and courtesy extended amongst campers, and balance these expectations with a high level of support provided by positive role models. Our trained staff team will model, consistently, the very characteristics we purport to teach our campers.

We will make special concerted efforts to ensure that all children and families, regardless of financial situation, feel welcome and included at Camp Smitty. We will create a registration process that is barrier-free, and will actively attempt to provide information that is supportive to the cultural and socio-economic diversity we strive to serve.

Program Focus

  1. Self-Concept: Enhancing self-esteem, feeling good/positive about oneself, discovering talents/interests, being included in decision-making.
  2. Social Skills: Developing interpersonal competence, group living, getting along with others, gaining appreciation for diversity.
  3. Character: Building positive values, mutual respect, taking responsibility for self, learning skills, unique outdoor experiences.
  4. Fun: Good old-fashioned healthy fun, room to breathe, getting 'unplugged', chance to be a kid.

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