"We exist to provide an exceptional camping experience for young people, with an emphasis on those who would not otherwise have access to such."

… exceptional …

"surpassing what is common or usual"
"of an unusually high degree"

This immediately sets the high standard of expectations for everyone involved with Camp Smitty. It states clearly that we have no ambition to simply offer a 'good' camp program, but rather that we're driven to provide a 'great' one. This commitment sets us apart, speaks to a consistently superior effort, and assures staff that we will refuse to let complacency rear its ugly head.

The staff will be made of individuals who represent the three critical C's of any great team; Character, Competence, and Commitment.

… camping experience …

"a sustained experience which provides a
creative, recreational, and educational
opportunity in group living in the
outdoors. It utilizes trained leadership
and the resources of the natural
surroundings to contribute to each
camper's mental, physical, social,
and spiritual growth."

… young people …

In the context of Camp Smitty, 'young people' means Boys and Girls Club members, returning campers, and all children aged 8 to 16 (our target population).

We believe there is real value in having a diverse profile of campers attend Camp, and that everyone benefits from this level of diversity. It is of paramount importance, however, that we never lose focus on our emphasis as described below.

… emphasis on those who would not

otherwise have access to such …

A special, concerted effort must continually be made to ensure that children who would not otherwise have access to the valuable camp experience (E.g. Single-parent, and/or low-income families, and/or at-risk children) make up the majority of our campers.

This means creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and inclusive, and a registration process that is barrier-free. Financial assistance needs to be prominently present/explained and information about camp needs to be available in a manner that reflects the cultural diversity we serve.

If needed, active recruitment needs to take place, reaching out to the very children we purport to place an emphasis on.

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