Message from the Director

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to Camp Smitty.

There is a proud tradition at Camp and we are committed and focused to ensuring every child has the most amazing experience.

Please have a look through the website and see all that this historic Camp has to offer.

Camp Smitty, proudly operated by the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, offers a beautiful lakefront setting, fantastic staff team, and dynamic programs for campers 8-16 yrs old. Since 1924, the camp has built a reputation as a highly respected program; something we're very proud of ... we've provided exceptional camp experiences for hundreds of young people each summer. Capturing the essence of a great camp on a website is tough ... Hopefully this one offers a few hints into what makes Camp Smitty such a special place in the hearts of so many people.

Our staff team always sets up apart ... a really impressive group of dedicated people who genuinely care. They create a safe and fun environment offering parents peace of mind, and allowing kids to have the time of their life.

Camp Smitty is often described as "genuine, responsible, trustworthy..." (parents talking); while campers tend to use "fun, cool, awesome..." this great feeback continues to inspire us!

Thanks for spending some time with us; enjoy the visit!

Here’s just a short list of the benefits and outcomes we’ve seen first-hand at Camp Smitty:

Physical Health:
Dynamic outdoor activity, social interaction and balanced diet that improves overall wellbeing and establishes healthy lifestyle choices.
Getting a chance to run around, swim, canoe, hike in the great outdoors instead of becoming fixated in front of an electronic screen of some sort.

Feeling good about yourself comes from real-life accomplishments, our program allows for diverse campers to achieve success in a variety of areas.
The campers get to learn and try new skills through fun activities in a supportive environment.

Our young people share tasks at camp that may not be expected of them elsewhere …
Older campers helping younger campers … doing your share of the camping duties … often times these skills transfer successfully to home, school and community.

Social Skills:
Making friends, working together … the friendships and laughs make the camp experience unforgettable.
The relationships developed and built at camp take on special meaning.

Personal Growth:
Beautiful, healthy surroundings allow for a safe outlet for children’s instincts to stretch themselves and explore.
Camp encourages young people to try new things and step out of too comfortable routines.

Positive Values:
Highly respected role models show the level of respect and courtesy we should all be treating each other with.
Character and integrity are on display and the sense of true community takes root.

But don't take my word for it ... have a chat with a camper or staff who've experienced the camp magic first-hand ... they are our best ambassadors!

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