Camp Smitty is the perfect location for a wedding, family reunion, leadership retreat, corporate retreat, team-building and other special events.

We are a 28 acre facility located on the waterfront on Mink Lake. With easy and private access to your own beach, Camp Smitty can sleep up to 160 people comfortably in the numerous cabins and lodges. Do you have a bigger group? No problem, we have lots of room for those wishing to bring their own tents and limited space available for RVs.

Camp Smitty offers a variety of different solutions for your event. From guided team-building activities to accommodations, to cooking your meals - it's an inspirational space for your groups next conference, retreat, reunion, or special event. ‍‍‍Questions about rental? Email us at‍‍‍.‍‍‍

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Facility rental

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Spider Web

The goal of this activity is for participants to make it through various size holes in a human-sized spider web structure without touching the web strands. Once an opening is used then that opening is closed to the rest of the group. The challenge requires a great deal of cooperation, trust, and "start to finish" planning to enable the team to successfully complete the challenge. This initiative is excellent for exploring group/individual accountability, role clarification, decision-making and trust.


  • Value of effective planning
  • Importance of collaboration across boundaries
  • Exploring communication / leadership in teams

Team Wall

The objective is to get everyone up and over the wall, using planning, teamwork, and creativity. The wall is 12' high, smooth with no holds or features. The activity is declared complete when each participant has safely ascended and descended the wall. A number of constraints and guidelines are maintained to assure challenge and safety. This is a superb finishing activity to cap off a great day of initiatives.


  • Relationship between support and risk-taking
  • Value of communicating expectations / needs
  • Complete planning process, using strengths

Wild Woozy

Two diverging cables are suspended at waist height (imagine a V shape). The goal is for two participants at a time to work together to traverse as far down the diverging cables as they can. Each partner stands on one of the cables facing the other on the opposite cable. Clasping each other's hands, partners move along the cables. Ultimately, with spotting from the rest of the group, the pair travels as close to the ends of the cables as possible.


  • How group support influences goal setting
  • Effective coaching for different learning styles
  • Communication in partnerships

Mohawk Walk

Success in this unusual problem relies on your group's ability to communicate effectively and work together. The aim is to move from start to finish along a series of taughtly strung cables between trees, using a combination of hand ropes and fellow team mates to maintain balance. To generate additional excitement and group interaction, your group may be asked to carry an object or members of the group might make the walk blindfolded.


  • Team planning & cooperative skills
  • Value of asking for & offering help
  • Setting goals & gameplans, adapting on the go





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